Shop with a Pro

Buying a property is a major transaction and should be done with the help of an experienced professional. I have been through thousands of homes and hundreds of transactions which allows me to provide valuable insight and guidance to my clients on their purchase. My strong business background is an additional asset that helps my clients through the negotiation process while also coordinating a smooth transaction.


Coming up with a Game Plan

The first step in helping my clients with their purchase is the initial consultation. This allows us to discuss the type of property, timeline, and logistics of the purchase. From here I will recommend active properties to view and will also set up a customized search that will provide instant email notifications for new listings, price changes, status changes, etc.


Viewing Homes 

While the ability to view homes online is a great tool, there is no substitute for seeing a property in person! Only then can one get a true understanding of the condition, layout, and feel of the property. While touring through homes I aim to provide a low pressure environment. I will give my honest opinion and insight on the homes I show, but I will never try to push a client into a purchase they aren’t comfortable with.



When the time has come to make an offer, it is important to consider the specific circumstances of that property. There is no such thing as a one size fits all negotiation strategy. This is where the help of a professional is invaluable. I will help my clients develop an appropriate strategy to get them the best price and terms possible, while keeping their best interests protected.





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